Travel In Style: Outfits for Holidaying

Holidays are a welcome break from the daily monotony of working life and therefore we want to do things special and feel special when we are abroad. A big part in this is how we dress, whether it is buying a few new bikinis for a beach break or some nice evening wear while we are wining and dining our loved ones, little details can have an impact on your enjoyment. Go on holiday in a pair of cargo pants and an old t-shirt and it just feels like any other day, just in a slightly different place. Dress with more style and you’ll not only look the part but you’ll feel it too.

The thing about holiday style is that it simply has to be functional, how many of us have gone on a holiday expecting it to be hot throughout the entire day only to find that as the sun lowers a coat would really be in order. It is important that you pack your suitcase appropriately and prepare for the transition of a cold, dry airport to a hot and humid environment.

Going on holiday is a great way to get extra wear out of clothes that you might not particularly wear at home anymore. Think of any fashion trends that you invested in but that has now been pretty much resigned to the back of your wardrobe…it can have a fresh lease of life in a different country. Any vibrant prints or slightly revealing clothing that you may have felt awkward wearing in the cold British weather, so ditch the every day jeans and spice things up a bit.

This isn’t to say that a holiday is a time to break all the fashion rules, a lot of Brits don’t mind leaving little to the imagination but this isn’t the best road to go down. Try to avoid the likes of mini-skirts or excessively high heels, especially as you are probably going to be walking around more than usual. It is possible to look sexy and stylish without wearing a bikini and sarong to dinner! Focus on the classic fashion advice of accentuating your best features, got long legs? Wear some slim-cut shorts to show those pins off, but that doesn’t mean show cheek. Even a skirt or dress with a slit can show a bit of skin without giving away too much. For travel style advice it is always a good idea to look to the people who do it the most, so check out your favourite celebrity’s travel style. You will notice that comfort is often paramount for them but they manage to do so in a simple and relaxed way that doesn’t involve Uggs and tracksuit pants. Think of light layers that are easy to add or remove depending on your comfort level, this will help keep you from sweating in heavy fabrics. If worst comes to worst and you still don’t have a good idea of what to take then you can always resort to the classics, a black dress for a woman is a staple that can be suitable for all occasions and well fitting trousers and a quality polo shirt will see men through most situations feeling both comfortable and stylish.